The government shutdown has endedm and Quivira National Wildlife Refuge is once again open for business

Barring any unexpected political maneuvering, Quivira National Wildlife Refuge--and other federal agencies and offices--will be open for business today.

 This means that the National Wildlife Refuge Week event planned for this Saturday, October 19 will go on as scheduled. The event will include bus tours of Quivira by refuge staff and volunteers, as well as a sack lunch.

 Anyone who made reservations for the event at the Kansas State Fair--or who called the refuge prior to or during the government shutdown--and reserved a slot should plan to attend. If you are unsure about your reservation, call the refuge at 620-486-2393.

 Refuge staff and Friends of Quivira look forward to welcoming the public back to this nationally significant stopover point for migratory birds on the US Central Flyway.