I wasn't sure my letter submission, renamed "Moran won't give answers" would get published.

To the editor:
I wasn't sure my letter submission, renamed "Moran won't give answers" would get published.
I would like to inform the readers that Sen. Moran DID answer my questions on the ACA. His response came by snail mail received on Oct. 3 and was dated Sept. 23. I submitted the article letter to the Leavenworth Times on Oct. 1 to include a courtesy copy for Senator Moran's Kansas Office. I received their letter Oct. 3; thus, I had no answer as of my submission of my letter, e.g. it was technically correct. Brennon Britton, state director for Sen. Moran, did call me on Aug. 14 and we talked.
This was in response to their town hall in Lansing where I gave Elizabeth a letter from me. I recounted this meeting in published letter "The wisdom of Hamilton," Aug. 27. When I asked him if he had seen the letter I gave Elizabeth, he said no.
Below is a summary of correspondence to Sen. Moran's office:
1st week Aug: Lansing town hall, Elizabeth gave letter of questions;
Aug. 10: submitted letter renamed "The wisdom of Hamilton," published Aug. 27, no CC to Brennon;
Aug. 10: Courtesy copy of letter submission my name, Tolerance in ACA; received e-mail from Brennon, confirming his email address.
Aug. 27: email to Brennon; questions covering Common Sense Newsletters;
Sept. 8: email to Brennon, questions covering CSN;
Sept. 17: email to Brennon, told him I had not received answers for any of my questions. Asked if he planned to answer any. CSN: 16Sep
Sept. 22: email to Brennon, CC for published letter renamed, "How does trying to repeal health care act really help Kansans?", 26Sep.
Oct. 1: submitted the article of today's, Oct. 10, "Moran won't give answers" CC Senator Moran's office;
Oct. 3: email to Brennon, thanking him for his Sept. 23 letter response, varied comments and policy issues
Oct 7: CC of letter submissions.
I believe in quality control. I think maybe this quality is being so controlled as to not let any out. Maybe this is a contributing factor to the 5 percent approval rating of Congress?