Sister Arthel Cline is the coordinator for Friendly Visitors at Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas. Dorothy Marsh is a family therapist and counselor.

Sister Arthel Cline is the coordinator for Friendly Visitors at Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas. Dorothy Marsh is a family therapist and counselor.

1. The Friendly Visitors will host a presentation for volunteers and others interested in the aging process. When and where will it be and who should attend and how can someone find more information about the event?
The Friendly Visitor Program is sponsoring Dorothy Marsh, family therapist and counselor, to speak on issues covering challenges and resources available for those experiencing some losses as a result of aging. It will be held at Sacred Heart Hall, 1405 2nd Ave. There is no charge, and it is open to the public. Refreshments will be served. For questions, or to enroll, please call the Friendly Visitor Office: 913-651-1407. Time: 1:30-2:30 p.m. on Oct.30.

2. What sort of issues will guest speaker, counselor and therapist Dorothy Marsh discuss at the presentation?
We live in a culture that values youth. It takes courage and resilience to face the challenges and changes that are part of the aging process. We will be addressing physical, mental and emotional changes. The speaker will give information that could assist seniors in redefining themselves and assisting them in maintaining a vibrant, positive life.

3. What are the most challenging issues that seniors face as they get older and what are some positive examples of how some of these obstacles can be dealt with in a productive, life-enriching way?
Some physical challenges can be addressed through the use of medical or mechanical assistance.
Contributions of some of the local groups who specifically deal with the needs of seniors will be cited, as well as ideas for adult care givers to consider.
The issues of safe transportation and entertainment will be explored.

4. Since many seniors lose spouses and partners at vulnerable times when they need extra help and advice, how will the presentation enable them to streamline the process of finding the assistance they need to make important decisions?
Seniors face aging with various levels of communication abilities.
A senior- friendly community is inventive in providing for both those who have become at ease with modern technology, and those who are ill at ease with these skills.
Some of the resources for the needs of this varied population will be noted.

5. What are some of the most positive steps that a late middle-ager can take to prepare for a positive, healthy and independent senior living experience?
Crossing the line between being an active, physically fit senior to becoming less physically able, demands more fortitude. What qualities need to be cultivated to cope with these new challenges? As a nation we have been born into a culture that ranks independence as one of our most treasured gifts.
At some time in our lives we need to explore the gains that come from inter-dependence, mutuality, and receiving.
Moving into this disposition, although counter-cultural has its advantages and can be practiced ahead of time.
— Rimsie McConiga