Bill Pekarek is the head coach for the Lansing Lions football team.

1. What does your team need to do to hand Mill Valley its first loss of the season?

We will have to play with great intensity and execute in all three areas: Offense, defense and special teams.
Our Offense will have to move the ball and score.
Our Defense will have to stop Mill Valley and come up with turnovers.
Our special teams will have to force turnovers and get a big play or two -- like a kick off return, punt return or a fumble recovery on a kickoff or punt.

2. Mill Valley has three players with more than 400 yards rushing and a quarterback with more than 400 yards passing. Is there any formula to help contain their offense?

Obviously, they have some very talented players, but so do we. This is High School varsity football and anything can happen on any given night.
We need to play hard and play with great intensity and we'll see what happens.

3. Will quarterback Krystian Abbott be able to play after last week's injury? If not, what will you expect to see from Kenneth Banks?

We believe so. He has practiced the last couple of days and I think he is working through it. Kenneth Banks has also been taking snaps.

4. Are you running special drills in practice to help your team hold on to the ball or limit mental mistakes to eliminate turnovers?

Our skill people know it is their job to take care of the ball. So, tucking it away and running hard is their job -- then hand the ball to the official.

5. Do you think you will need to be balanced against Mill Valley or try to move the ball quickly with the passing game?

Yes, we need to be able to move the ball on the ground and through the air -- making first downs and touchdowns.