Sean Sachen is the Immaculata Athletic Director and football coach.

1. How have you been able to keep players motivated and playing hard during this season?

My players have shown great character by staying positive and continuing to play hard throughout the season.

2. What players have you noticed taking leadership roles and how have they affected the team?

All my seniors have done a good job of keeping the moral up the entire year.

3. Have you been surprised by any of your players performances this season?

Drew has had another solid year, as has Cory Holcomb. And Michael Valencia was a big addition for us this year.
Tanier Karigan was moved to tight end this year. That has gone pretty good, but he's still learning.

4. What has the final week of practice been before the final game against McLouth?

Loose. We are still working hard to improve, but the coaches have kept the days fun.

5. Have you seen a belief in the team that they can beat McLouth and how does your team play well against them?

We have believed that we could win every week. But we've understood that we have to play near perfect football and cause some turnovers throughout the game to have a chance to win.