I think the Republican party needs to look in its own closet and see the stupid things they did in the past.

To the editor:
I think the Republican party needs to look in its own closet and see the stupid things they did in the past.

They need to get off the agenda of putting down the Democrats and fix their own problems in the Republican party. "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone." I don't want them to tell me what the Democrats are doing wrong, I want them to tell me what they are going to do different to fix the problem with the economy that went to hell under Bush.

All they can do is blame it on the Democrats in congress, who had control of Congress only a short time under Bush.

What about the seven and a half years the Republicans had control, that lost a lot of peoples IRAs. I don't think the Republican party would have done anything any better because neither party knew what to do after Bush screwed us. I'm tired of the Republicans hatred of Obama, they lost the election, get over it, fix the problems in their party so they can win the next election.

They need to get on with working together as a political system to solve what's wrong with any bill sent before them, cause God knows Affordable Health Care is not the only bill sent to congress by either party that should have been looked at and the problems worked out between the parties before it was passed. Now that it is passed it's time to do it right and work together to amend what is wrong with the bill.

I still think we need to get rid of the party system and vote for who you think will do the best for us all. That's what I do,
I don't vote straight party and those who do are followers not leaders. If there were no parties no one would have any one to blame for this fiasco in Congress but themselves, for their vote.
And also get rid of the electoral college and let the people decide.

I think the electoral college is in the back pockets of big money.
I have a lot of friends that are Democrats and many are military and I never get anything negative sent to me about the Republican party, but I'm always getting stuff from Republicans, why is this? It's not because it's not out there to read.
I think people put too much faith in the World Wide Web for their facts, sure it's a good source but you have to look at both sides of the topic.
I'll never lose a friend because of his or her political affiliation, because everyone has their own opinion and I respect that. I hope it works both ways across the party lines.

Times are tough enough as it is.
Now that's how I see it.