Pleasant Ridge's Tony Weber highlighted Saturday's State cross country action with a second place finish in the 3A meet. He finished 10 seconds behind the race winner. “He's increased his mileage a bunch since June,” said Pleasant Ridge head coach Chad Hendrix. “He just really bought into all the workouts and did his own research on some of the things he wanted to do workout-wise.” Lansing's Jordan Maestas finished 11th in the 5A meet to lead the team. “She ran a great race and capped off her senior campaign with great performances during the championship portion of the season,” said Lansing head coach Brian Malm. “I could not be more proud of the work she put in this year and the leader she was for our developing athletes.” Leavenworth's top finisher was Allison Ramson, who finished 53rd with a time of 17:18. Taryn Schoen (64th), Grace LeClerc (79th), Maddie James (89th), Becca McWilliams (101st), Ashton Larabee (102nd) and Ilia Rosa (103rd) were the other finishers for the Leavenworth girls team that finished 11th. Tyler Hyde finished 74th as the lone boy for the Pioneers. Lansing's Emma Bresser and Catherine Strehlow finished 59th and 87th, respectively. For the Lansing boys, Matt Hanks and Tanner King got 62nd and 86th, respectively. Pleasant Ridge had a handful of girls compete in the 3A meet. Hailey Worthington (42nd), Rachel Hattok (58th), Syvannah Williams (80th), Carly Simonis (82nd), Peyton Gould (84th) and Skylar Ling (86th) all finished for Pleasant Ridge. As a team, Pleasant Ridge finished 10th. “We were kind of beat up and banged up toward the end of the season, but we were really excited that we made it to state,” Hendrix said. Coach Hendrix said Kristina Silvers had trouble finishing the final 400 yards or so. He said a fellow runner helped her cross the finish line, so she was disqualified. Hendrix said he wasn't sure at this point what caused the problems at the end of the race.