Bill Pekarek is the head football coach of the Lansing Lions.
Lansing plays at Bishop Miege tonight in the first round of the 5A Kansas State Playoffs.
The winner plays the winner of the Blue Valley West/Topeka Seaman game.

1. What are Bishop Miege's strengths on offense and how can you stop or contain it?

They run the ball using trap, power, toss and dive.
They like to throw using the short passing game.
Our players will have to do their jobs much better than they did last Friday.
We need to read our keys better, get off blocks and make the tackle on the ball carrier.

2. The Stags have had two shutouts in the last three games. Have you noticed any weaknesses you think your team can take advantage of?

They are not super huge in size. They have played pretty good defense in the films we have.
We have spotted some things we know we can do and plan to exploit them early and often.

3. What have you seen out of your team in practice, especially the seniors, after the loss to Mill Valley?

Our guys have bounced back pretty good from last Friday and are focused on Miege. Practice has been going good.

4. What did your team learn in the Mill Valley game?

We learned that we came unraveled on defense. Everything we preached and put emphasis on last week in practice, didn't get done on a regular basis like we needed it to.
Every guy on defense has to do his job or ugly things can happen.

5. How do you get the offense to make the explosive plays you expect from them this week?

Like I said before, we have spotted a few things that we plan to attack.
Our offense has been doing great all season, except for last week.
Last week we had people open, we just didn't get the ball to them.
We have some good weapons in our skill people. Everyone just needs to execute their jobs.