One piece of information is needed.

Where are Edward Snowden and Julian Assange when you need them?  Within the corporate offices of Columbia University in New York City, isn’t there some similarly despicable character willing to leak Barack Obama’s student records?  With such liberal traditions, isn’t there a traitor who is willing to let the American people know how badly we’ve been had?  Or if not at Columbia, how about a low-life at Occidental College – not to be confused with Accidental College. 

Why do I bring this up?  It’s because Barack Obama has managed to seal his records, including his entrance applications, transcript, and attendance records – all of which are a mystery to the American public. 

Actually, I would settle for one item of information.  One field on his application for enrollment at either college: his nationality. 

Did Barry enroll as a foreign exchange student?  If he did, he was claiming to be a foreign citizen – a citizen of Indonesia.  That leaves two possibilities:

1.  He is a citizen of Indonesia, not the United States.  He committed fraud in hiding that fact and running for president, or:

2.  He is really an American citizen, in which case he defrauded the United States government by taking scholarship money he wasn’t entitled to.

Of course, if he claimed his nationality as American on his application, everything is OK.  But how are we to know?  We need a leak.

I’ve always wondered why Obama’s college records are sealed.  Suspicious, isn’t it?