In which I excoriate Democrats for their policies which hurt our economy.

Of course, they don’t really want the economy to be sick (with a few possible exceptions), but the Democrats are the party of the Sick Economy.  Their priorities say that government should be big, should control all aspects of life, and should do all it can for the poor and the middle class.  They believe business has to be regulated – can’t be trusted – so they favor all sorts of laws and rules to do that.  They create huge entitlement programs that take immense amounts of money to run, need lots of bureaucrats to oversee, and therefore need heavy taxes.  Because they spend more than they can raise through taxes, they print money or borrow and let the debt increase.  Big government, heavy regulation, heavy taxes, and running the government on credit or inflated money are the factors which guarantee the economy will be sick.

The Democrats have instituted several programs that actually pay people to exist and do nothing useful: the Earned Income Credit, a sort of reverse income tax, which pays people who don’t earn enough; food assistance; Aid to Dependent Children (the more fatherless babies you have, the more we’ll pay you); disability income (OK if the people are really disabled, but many aren’t); and infinitely extended unemployment.  So, fewer people want to work.  The government taxes a shrinking work force more and more, to pay for an increasing group of people who don’t.  Now, it’s almost an even split.  Democrats have a sneaky ulterior motive for promoting this: people who depend on government for their livelihood will vote for Democrats. 

Democrats bully big business with big taxes and heavy regulation.  They spout a constant theme: big business is evil – after all, they want to make a profit, and that’s at the expense of the little guy.  Never mind that a business cannot exist long without a profit. The Democrat propaganda constantly accuses Republicans of being the party of “the Rich” and of big business. 

American businesses are over-taxed.  The tax rate they pay is among the highest in the world.  With extremely high labor costs as well, American business doesn’t compete well in the world markets.  They are also clearly over-regulated, and have to spend a lot to satisfy government demands.  This means that cheaper foreign goods are imported and outsell American products, while American manufacturers go bankrupt and jobs move overseas.  This has been going on for decades, and is a major reason we have high unemployment.

To summarize, with huge entitlement programs, high taxes, big government, the tax and spend philosophy, and relentless regulation of business, Democrats are hamstringing our economy.  In fact, increasing government spending and taxation may cause out economy to collapse.  It’s that serious.  They aren’t likely to change anything, and have never considered reforms seriously under Obama.  As long as Democrats have the power, our economy will be sick.  There will be high levels of unemployment, few business start-ups, more people living in or near poverty, and fewer people achieving the American dream.  They have put our economy into a death spiral.  The Democrats are the party of the Sick Economy, and America’s economy, which hasn’t improved since Obama took power, won’t improve until Republicans take over the government. The sad truth is, that may not happen until after an economic collapse.