Because several Leavenworth residents asked me to investigate, I wrote the following to the USD 453 School Board:

To the editor:
Because several Leavenworth residents asked me to investigate, I wrote the following to the USD 453 School Board:

Dear School Board Member,
I was asked by several concerned Leavenworth citizens to research the salaries of the USD 453 administrators and to discover if a letter to the editor was correct in claiming that there are teachers in our Leavenworth school district who earn more than $100,000 per year.

These concerns by local citizens are caused by the impending vote, scheduled for November 20th, by your governing body regarding whether or not to require administrators who make more than $100,000 per year to live in the district.
Here are some facts you should already be aware of:

1. Of the top 18 administrators employed by USD 453, 10 make more than $100,000 per year, and

2. Seven of those top ten administrators do not live in Leavenworth.

3. The salaries of these top 18 administrators total $1,959,164.00 per year, meaning that

4. $1,514,839 of Leavenworth taxpayer monies are sent out of Leavenworth every year, just because of 14 administrators' salaries.
Some of you have tried to argue fallacies against requiring that the administrators of the school district should be required to live in Leavenworth.
One such popular and often repeated fallacy is that such a requirement would compromise the school district's ability to hire the best qualified personnel.
This argument is a fallacy because, clearly, the school district is already hiring personnel mostly from the metropolitan area, which means the district is not seriously entertaining applications from other parts of the country, hence the district is, by its current practices, already prohibiting itself from hiring the best personnel for USD 453. A bias towards people from the Midwest is a bias, pure and simple. While it is human nature to want to hire people like ourselves, ample studies have shown that most schools prohibit their own growth by refusing to look outside groups of people who already think and act like themselves.
This type of in-breeding, for lack of a better word, is detrimental to innovation and to keeping up with our students' and community's needs.

Fallacious rumors abound about the USD 453, including claims that some members of the faculty earn more than $100,000 per year.
I verified with Mr. Kevin Gullett that the top teacher's salary at USD 453 is only $69,803, which belies one letter to the editor writer's claims (why no one from the school district countered his claims mystifies me).

The primary reason why you were required to live in the school district before you could run for the public office you now hold was because individual communities should not be faced with influences from outside within their governing body.
While you all perform a role as one governing body of USD 453, the administrators of our schools also form a governing body, and our community negligence has allowed 14 out of the top 18 administrative positions to be filled with outsiders.
This trend must stop now.

I urge you to do the right thing for Leavenworth's school district and vote to support the requirement that USD 453 administrators must live within the school district as a condition of their work contracts, so we can, as a community, return control of our schools to our community.