April Wallace and Amber Geyman own Turquoise Fish at 408 S. Fifth St. in Leavenworth.

April Wallace and Amber Geyman own Turquoise Fish at 408 S. Fifth St. in Leavenworth.

1. What is Turquoise Fish?
Turquoise Fish is an artisan's boutique that sells home embellishments and fashion accessories.
This includes pillows, paintings, décor items, jewelry and handbags.
Everything in our store is handmade by us or by a local artist.
Our shop is colorful, unique and vibrant.

2. Your store also includes the business Red Sofa Upholstery. What does that mean?
Red Sofa Upholstery is a service that we provide customers.
We do automotive, home and boat upholstery.
We also offer custom orders for people who want something more creative.
Whether it's a pillow with their favorite type of dog on it or a chair upholstered with a funky patchwork design.
We can usually do whatever a customer wants.

3. Tell us about the people behind Turquoise Fish. How did you two decide you wanted to open a store together?
We are a mother-daughter team.
My mother had Turquoise Fish before, but had stop because she got so busy doing art for other stores.
We had been talking for years about collaborating our art and opening a shop. The timing was right and we decided to reopen Turquoise Fish as a place for both of us to sell our artwork.
My mother and I have both been doing art our whole lives and it's what we love.
She was a high school art teacher when I was growing up.
I went to school for Interior Design and Metalsmithing.
Everyday we come up with new fun creative ideas and really enjoy working together.

4. What does Turquoise Fish have to offer customers for the upcoming Christmas holiday?
Along with what we sell in the store, we do custom orders that can make a gift more personal.
Also, we are doing a Christmas open house on Sunday Dec. 8 from 1 p.m.-5 p.m.
It will feature store specials and some newly inspired art from April Wallace.

5. Can people find out more about your store online?
Yes! We post things on Facebook all the time to keep people informed about new products, events and specials. Please "like" us at www.Facebook.com/TurquoiseFish. We also have a website TurquoiseFish.com that we hope to add more to very soon.
— Dale Brendel