Leavenworth lawn care companies can now dump leaves for free at the city's Brush Site, at least for this month and next.

Leavenworth lawn care companies can now dump leaves for free at the city's Brush Site, at least for this month and next.

The Leavenworth City Commission voted Tuesday to eliminate a fee charged to businesses for leaf disposal at the Brush Site each year during November and December. Businesses are required to provide a work order for an address in the city of Leavenworth.

Leavenworth residents are already able dump leaves at the Brush Site, 1803 S. Second St., for free. But, businesses have previously been charged as much as $25 per load.

Buddy Rogers, of Buddy Rogers and Son Professional Lawn Service, requested the fee be lifted for businesses.

The city of Leavenworth operates its own leaf collection program in which workers gather raked leaves for free, but the program is offered to just half of the city each year. This year, the program is focusing on residences north of Spruce Street.

City commissioners discussed the commercial fee during a recent study session and consensus seemed to favor either eliminating or reducing the fee. City staffers had recommended keeping the commercial fee in place at the Brush Site.

Commissioner Larry Dedeke made a motion Tuesday to begin charging a $10 fee for businesses with an approved work order in November and December.

The $10 fee was said to be equal to what the Leavenworth County Transfer Station, located in Lansing, charges.

Mayor Laura Janas Gasbarre seconded the motion.

Mayor Pro-Tem Mark Preisinger supported waiving the fee for local businesses in November and December. He said he believes the goal is to keep as many leaves as possible out of storm sewers.

Commissioner Davis Moulden also advocated for not charging a fee.
"They may be private contractors but they're doing Leavenworth a big favor," he said.

Dedeke reviewed his motion, but amended it to eliminate the fee entirely during November and December for businesses with proper work orders.

Businesses that drop off leaves at the Brush Site during other months of the year will remain subject to the regular fee structure.

Gasbarre said she would second Dedeke's amended motion.

"I just want to vote on it," she said.

The motion was approved, 4-1, with Gasbarre voting against the fee elimination.

Following the vote, Moulden said if local residents simply mowed leaves on their lawn, there would be no leaves to worry about.

"It's the simplest thing," he said.