Iowa and Iowa State faced off in a wrestling dual Sunday, and the Immaculata High School wrestling team made the trip to Ames in hopes of picking up tips of the trade before the high school grapplers open their season tonight at Oskaloosa. “I think that they learned that there aren’t any magic moves,” Immaculata head coach Bobby Hancock said. “Those guys do the same stuff we do. They drill and they are just methodical. I just think that they learned that we can win matches with the moves that we have.” The Raiders nearly had senior Bruce Stanley and junior Max Campbell make it to state last season. “They are smart about what they are doing,” Hancock said. “They finally learned some patience. They don’t just rush into bad situations.” Hancock said both wrestlers competed and attended camps during the summer, so he sees them as state-caliber wrestlers this season. “We had a couple that were just a match away, but this year I expect at least two of us to make it to state,” he said. Hancock said the end of last season was an encouraging sign of things to come. “We ended up on a roll,” he said. “Everybody had a good last third of the season. It seemed like they were getting it all together. Now, we are just starting fresh again a little bit with half of them and then the other half we are able to just pick up where we left off last year.” Stanley and Campbell are the only upperclassmen on the team. “The first week of practice I had them with young guys,” Hancock said. “We were just going through the motions, really trying to get them up to speed and kind of getting our older guys back into practice shape. Now we’ve switched over to where those two are together.” Since most of the roster is made up of freshmen and sophomores, Hancock said he wants them to keep their eyes on long-term goals. “My main focus is keeping them enthused and let them know that they can get to where Bruce and Max are just by sticking with it,” he said. The season begins at 4 p.m. today against Oskaloosa and Riverside.