Here are some ways election fraud is done.

Republicans are going to win both houses of Congress in 2014.  It’s inevitable.  But then, we’ll screw up in the next year and a half.  When November of 2016 comes around, we’ll probably have to employ election fraud and cheating to regain the presidency.  But, Republicans aren’t good at fraud or cheating.  We’ll need to use time-tested Democrat techniques to do that.  So, I’ve researched election fraud and how it’s done, and we can use this as a guide. 

Let me qualify.  I'm not a certified election fraud consultant, so much of this is guesswork. You might have to call in a Democrat election officer to get the most reliable information.  

Many states (about 28) accept absentee ballots by mail without requiring an excuse, all others require one.  Washington and Oregon conduct their national vote entirely by mail.  Mailed in absentee ballots practically beg for cheating.  There are many ways to fraudulently vote with mailed absentee ballots

I.  Fraudulent voting with mail-in ballots.

First, you need a list of registered voters in your county or state, with their addresses.  This is easily obtained from the election officials, if they are of your party.  Then:

--  Substitute and overprint:  This technique involves a bit of collusion with your ballot printer.  We’ll find a printing company with a Republican owner, just like the Democrats do except they use a Democrat printer.  Have them print a ballot for each registered voter (Washington and Oregon) or estimate of absentee ballots needed,  These carry serial numbers.  Have your pal secretly print an additional number of ballots with duplicate serial numbers.  Get a team together, have them fill out the duplicate ballots with votes for your party;

  Then, as the ballots arrive, you simply select some of them (before counting) which vote the wrong way, find the duplicate ballot with the right vote, fill in the name and address of the voter on the duplicate and replace the real ballot with the fake one.  Shred the old ballot and continue the process until you have a majority for your party.

  Make sure no one knows you ordered ballots with duplicate numbers.

-- Polling and impersonation.  This also can be done where voting is in person, although it’s dangerous to impersonate a voter because it’s a felony.  It’s much safer with mail-in absentee ballots.  Someone in your party goes through the list of voters, calling them, pretending to be a pollster and asking enough questions to know if they’re planning to vote, and if they do go ahead and vote, they would vote the wrong way.  If they aren’t planning to vote, then you fill in a ballot your way, put their name on it, and mail it in.   However, if the voter changes his/her mind, you could end up with two ballots from the same person.  You need to intercept that and pitch it before it’s counted.

In-person voting is much riskier because it involves committing a crime.  Yet, it can be done.  Certain evidence suggests it is done extensively.  Democrats claim it’s never done, and a voter ID law is therefore unnecessary, which should make us suspicious right there.

-- The first thing to do for in-person voting fraud is to make certain the voter rolls are dirty.  When people die, for example, they can remain registered.  It’s a simple matter to impersonate them if you don’t have to show ID.  However, you subject  yourself (or the person you hire) to possible entrapment: the polling personnel might have a list of dead people, and have the fraudulent voter arrested immediately.

-- The safest method is to vote in multiple jurisdictions in the same election.  One way is to cast a ballot here in person, properly registered, while mailing an absentee ballot somewhere else.  Or, move to another county, register there, while remaining registered in your original county.  On election day, vote in both locations.  This is a crime, but is rarely discovered.  

-- Voting machine tampering.  This may be more common than is known.  Voting machines are often programmed, with the software changed for each election.  An unscrupulous programmer can cause a few ballots to change their vote your way.  The best ones produce a paper trail to match up with the machine’s reported results.  We should beware of any machines that don’t leave an indelible paper trail, or don’t allow the voter to double check that his vote is recorded accurately.

--  Simple miscounting.  This is hard to do if there are Democrats in the room where the tabulations are done.  The other party should always have an observer.    

II Cheating for fun and profit.

-- Send buses to nursing homes and areas of poverty.  Offer to pick them up and take them to the polls.  Offer to fill out their ballots for them.

-- Pay folks to vote your way.  (This is most often done in small town elections.)  This was routinely done in ancient Rome.

-- Make it difficult for military personnel to obtain their absentee ballots in time.  Alas, almost all military personnel vote Republican, so Democrats do this, Republicans should concentrate on getting the ballots out.  Democrat states have actually passed laws making it hard for absentee military to receive their ballots in time.

-- Have some of your folks dress up in paramilitary uniforms, carry weapons, and stand around outside the polls.  Black Panthers did this in 2008 to intimidate some folks.  Unfortunately, Republicans don’t have a group of this type to call on.

To wrap up: No one really knows the extent of voter fraud or cheating.  It’s clandestine by its very nature.  It’s generally dangerous for perpetrators.  But, it’s hard to detect.  It’s more likely when one party completely controls the precinct.

One thing that is highly suggestive that voter fraud was widespread in the 2012 Presidential Election was that many precincts in Ohio and Pennsylvania, swing states, voted 100% for Obama.  Any statistician would say, “that’s impossible.”  In any population there are a few dissenters who go against the majority opinion, even in the Black communities, which only voted 92% for Obama – 8% voted for the other guy. 

Some folks believe that Democrats stole the 2012 election by means of voter fraud and cheating.  It was certainly shocking to me that Obama won, considering what a poor job he did in his first term.  The explanation I settled on was that Republicans just didn’t turn out, because Romney is Mormon.  But that could be wrong.  

Here’s an interesting read by Rachel Alexander.