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The snow shovel on the porch
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By Brandon Case
Dec. 30, 2013 7:09 p.m.

Upon returning home Christmas evening, I noticed a new snow shovel sitting inside the door.
“It was on the porch,” Kathie said. She didn’t know who had left it there.
I examined a gift tag, attached to the handle. “Case family” was all that it read.
Perhaps there really is a Santa Claus.
The previous weekend, I had been outside using my handle-less snow shovel (it broke off under the stress of last winter’s snows.) Apparently, someone noticed me outside pushing snow around with the defective shovel.
I had been intending to purchase a new one anyway, once the roads improved.
And then, this snow shovel appeared at our house.
I have my suspicions about who might have been the giver, but, hey, it’s always nice to think, Maybe Santa Claus really did drop it off.
Anyway, thanks Santa.

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