Rod Briggs is the head coach of the 5-0 Lansing High School boys basketball team.
The Lions are scheduled to play at 7 p.m. Tuesday at 2-2 Mill Valley.
Briggs gave his thoughts on what he expects from his team the rest of the season.

1. Has the winter break been an opportunity to practice and improve, or are you worried it could make the team rusty?

Briggs: “We have worked hard to improve over the break, but it is a long break and there is nothing like playing games to see where you are at.”

2. How much of the break was used for rest and how much was used for practice?

Briggs: “We had five days off, but since, we have practiced pretty hard.”

3. Have you or the team made New Year's resolutions for the rest of the season?  

Briggs: “We have been working to accomplish goals since the beginning of the season.”

4. What is the biggest improvement area for your team?  

Briggs: “We want to become a dominant defensive team.  I felt like we have not even come close to our defensive potential.”

5. What has been your team's biggest strength so far?  

Briggs: “We have been a balanced team, and offensively, we have had spurts of being very good.”