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By Rick Holmes
Jan. 6, 2014 5:10 p.m.

IMG954595Old friend Dave Granlund reports from his new home outside the Twin Cities in Minnesota that the temperature at his house this moring was -23 degrees.† Yesterday he and his wife took some sudsy water and a hoop outside and made bubbles, which turned gray and collapsed in on themselves before they hit the ground. People have been warned to bring in the beer from the refrigerators in the garage, lest they explode. Refrigerators, it turns out, don’t keep beer warm.
It’s so cold that schools and public buildings have been closed, with everyone urged to stay inside.† So Dave couldn’t help but laugh when he looked at the pond adjoining his backyard and saw the schoolkids were using their day off from school to play hockey.
That cold air is due to hit New England Tuesday. Don’t expect to see me out on the pond.

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