Christine Robinson is the head coach of the 3-2 Lansing High School girls basketball team.
The Lady Lions will play at 5:30 p.m. today at Mill Valley, after the game was pushed back a day because of bad weather.
Robinson provided her thoughts on how the holiday break went and how her team prepared for Mill Valley.

1. After starting 1-2, you won two in a row before the holiday break. What allowed you to get those two wins?
Robinson: “I think our chemistry is getting better every time we step on the court, and that helps. The girls are starting to figure out what their roles are and how they can contribute to the team. So, those two things helped with those two wins.
“We won a game, lost two games and then won the next two. We struggled quite a bit in the loss to Topeka-Seaman. That was a tough game and it was heartbreaker, but a lot was learned from that game, which carried on two our next two games.”

2. What did you practice during the break?
Robinson: “We mostly focused on conditioning. We spent some time on fundamentals since we had a lot of time. We worked on some new strategies and ideas that we’d like to implement for the next half of our season.”

3. What were the new strategies you put in?
Robinson: “We didn’t add anything new, we just dug deeper into the concepts that we have already taught with our offense.
“We just worked on executing things a whole lot better. We watched a lot of game tape of things that we’ve done wrong with our offense and some of our defensive strategies as well. We spent more time trying to improve those things.”

4. What is going to be the approach going into today’s game against Mill Valley?
Robinson: “Execution. Worrying about running the things that we are supposed to run and focusing on playing together as a team and everybody giving 110 percent effort.”

5. What have you done to prepare for Mill Valley?
Robinson: “We worked on a lot of the things that they run. I know what their system is, but their personnel has changed so much, which is actually for the better for me.

“We are focusing more on the things that I know they are going to run. To be honest, I’m not really familiar with the players that he has on the varsity now. Some of them are freshman and many of them played JV, which I saw bits and pieces of them play last year at the JV level. We are also focusing on executing our offense and our defense.”