Are you experiencing a little cabin fever? Tired of playing in the snow?
Are your children itching to get out of the house? You can have lots of fun without breaking the bank.
One of my favorite frugal deals is taking my children to a video game entertainment restaurant and allowing them more than an hour's worth of play on the video games.
The cost of this great stinky weather day entertainment was zero dollars thanks to coupons.
This one particular restaurant gives coupons for doing various chores, simple household tasks and great grades from report cards.
Another great snowy day activity is to take your children to area malls to play in their soft play areas.
Our family loves going to the soft play area at Zona Rosa. We typically pack a snack lunch and the play area provides countless hours of indoor family fun.
I completely understand there is not always an opportunity to leave the home.
For those who do not want to leave the house, there are countless activities in the home you can participate in.
One of a great family activity is to cook a meal or a dessert together. For those who are not in the mood for a meal, making homemade play dough is also lots of fun.
Another fun family favorite at our home is board games. Typically we purchase our board games at yard sales or consignment sales. We love playing games.
You don't have to break the bank if you want to get rid of the winter time blues.

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