For the super organized readers out there, you got a "save the date" last month, so that's done.

This is notice No. 2 about the upcoming Collectors Show, scheduled for one month from today in downtown Leavenworth.

It will be the 10th annual such show sponsored by the Kansas City Military Collectors Club. The first eight shows were inside the National World War I Museum in Kansas City, with the high water mark of 802 people attending.

The show is part of the educational outreach of the club, whose members collect military artifacts from many different wars and many periods. The show is a one-day chance for the public to go and immerse themselves in history that will be displayed on 40 tables.

When the WWI museum was no longer interested in hosting the event, it moved to Leavenworth last year. It was widely publicized in the Leavenworth Times — five times, twice on the front page — and in the Convention and Visitors Bureau quarterly schedule.

But alas, the club's official clicker clicked in a mere 123 visitors, which was hardly worth the effort of about eight hours of work per club displayer to present the free displays.

The club is open to any and all suggestions about how to better get the word out to folks who might be interested in a daylong dose of military history. Suggestions can be phoned to (913) 651-3977, and any and all will be appreciated.

Last year, the Command and General Staff College class was on spring break, but that little deficiency has been corrected. Now, the challenge is how to let some 1,000 military officers, all of whom are hopefully at least a tad interested in military history, know about the show.

This year it will be at the Riverfront Community Center gymnasium from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. As mentioned, the event is entirely free. The club is renting the gym and not charging those who attend to recoup the rental fee. If you can find a better deal than that around, let me know.

From table reservations already received by the club coordinator, visitors will see artifacts from WWI, including weapons and other items; World War II Marine Corps and Japanese items; Vietnam artifacts; items from the Winter War between the Soviet Union and Finland, which are rare as can be; and East German police items.

One never-before-seen display will be quite unique, and is titled "The Babylonians, Belorussians, Byzantineians, and Bolsheviks, among many, many other soldiers." The display will be about containers for booze in battle, from Roman soldiers' wine transporters to an empty bottle of South Vietnamese army-issued beer.

It will not be all-inclusive, but for those interested in how Demon Rum was delivered to troops, it will prove interesting.

All tables have not been reserved, so many more interesting items can be expected. If that calendar hasn't yet been marked, now is the time to do so. There may not be a 3D annual show in the Leavenworth area, so to preclude a drive into Kansas City, March 8 is a date you should remember to do something on.

And as an extra incentive, besides free parking and free admission, the not so famous but elusive to find "New Zealand hotdogs" will be available on-site.

The infamous club clicker will again be present, and club members hope it gets much more of a workout this year than it did last year. You'll get one more reminder in a few weeks.