I know I frequently preach about how coupons are not always a great deal.
But, I have to admit there is one grocery store in town that I truly love using their coupons. It has also taught me the lesson that using store rewards cards is a wonderful thing.
Our family has a fairly limited diet because of food intolerances.
There is one grocery store in town that seems to fit the bill when it comes to meeting the needs of all our dietary restrictions.
While we shop at this store, we typically always use our reward card because it saves on gas.
I find the grocery store has the cheapest gas prices in town, and with my customer loyalty points, I save even more money at the pump.
However, one of my favorite things about this particular grocery store is that it seems to track what I buy through my rewards card.
After a few months, I literally get several coupons in the mail for free food items.
There are absolutely no strings attached, and it is typically on products that we use a lot.
The last set of coupons literally saved me $40 on products, and I probably got $10 worth of totally free products.
Let me teach you the importance of signing up for your the rewards cards offered at stores you frequent.
This is typically one of the best ways you can save money at the market.

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