To the editor:
Responding to last weekend's Leavenworth Times editorial, I'm in a quandary as to what to do and think.
I know the Times seeks to foster public discussion, perhaps even to spur circulation and sales, but last weekend it breached a serious line editorializing, "This is what's the matter with Kansas."
Ostensibly, a community newspaper reports important community news and generally serves its locality, if for no other reason that its subscribers are what keeps it in business.
But, this Times editorial biasedly misreports both the intent and actual provisions of Kansas House Bill 2543 to protect First Amendment religious liberty and individual conscience rights as an anti-gay discrimination license.
Besides insulting Kansans, this community, and its own subscribers by ascribing hypothetical prejudice and even Nazi aspersions — armbands, serial number registration — the Times view is a breach of supposed journalistic standards to report accurately and to at least try and provide both sides of a story.
Even editorials should not misrepresent the facts. One would think a community paper would both understand its community and seek to accurately report news rather than insult or alienate most of its subscribers.
I'm not sure why I should continue to support a newspaper that is not self-interested in reporting accurately or supporting its own First Amendment rights of freedom of speech/press/religion, its community, or its own economic interests.

Greg Beck