To the editor:
I'm disturbed about the recent situation where high winds toppled part of the east wall of the Leavenworth loft project.
About 20 years ago, three similar events occurred here in Leavenworth.
The first was when the Old Cathedral Rectory was razed. When the roof was removed, it was discovered the only thing holding the brickwork in place was sand. A century of rain water against the porous bricks had leeched the mortar.
A similar situation occurred when the Carmelite Priory was razed at St. Joseph's church. The walls were reinforced by iron rods, but the brickwork was in about the same condition as the old rectory.
The third event was the collapse of the African-American church on Kiowa Street, which killed two people sleeping in an adjoining home.
It appeared that all three of these structures were built by the same prominent Leavenworth contracting firm in the middle part of the 19th century.

Robert Atkins