Just musing along, wondering how Lee Burleson will spend her birthday. Happy 29th, Lee.
We have a huge registration period coming up:
• Adult softball team registration will be Monday – April 29.
• Youth baseball/softball will be Monday – April 14.
 Registration for the First City TRY-athlon (for children 6-15) has three periods:
• Pre-registration is today – April 21 ($20).
• Late registration will be April 22-25 ($25).
• Day of event registration will be April 26 ($35).
Speaking of registration, the deadline for adult coed volleyball is at 8 p.m. Monday. If we do not have at least four four teams, we will not have a league this spring.
 I'm excited to announce that we had a great visit with the Kansas American Softball Association administrators recently.
We are in the process of scheduling ASA-sanctioned youth baseball/softball tournaments for this summer. This will be an awesome boost to our youth baseball/softball programs.
Youth basketball is roaring to a close. After this weekend, we will only have one week of first- through second-grade boys and third- through fourth-grade girls remaining.
It has been a great year. Coaching both a girls and boys first- through second-grade team has been a very rewarding experience. The children have been incredibly interested in improving and the parents have been very supportive and positive with their children throughout the entire season.
I want to recognize and express my appreciation to the coaches in the fifth- through sixth-grade leagues. These individuals have spent countless hours preparing our children to begin competing on the middle school and eventually the high school levels. 
I believe these coaches have done an exceptional job preparing our children to move on to Leavenworth, Immaculata, Lansing, Pleasant Ridge and locations yet to be determined.
A big shout-out to our girls coaches: Danny Fairley, Mary Garrison, Christy Herbig, Pamela Tanksley, Brad Turnerband Marie Williams. The boys coaches were:  Brandon Hildebrandt, Sharon Hutchens, Randy Kohl, Curtis Nichols, Derry Richardson and Steve Zamora.
 In adult women’s volleyball this week, Boom (Sherri Schwinn) defeated Waters Feed (Megan Waters) 25-9 and 25-8. Six Pack (Kim Todd Rhoades) took over sole possession of first place with a 25-9 and 25-6 victory over Diggin’ It. Six Pack now has a half game lead over Drillers (Wendy Sachen).
Behind the 29 points of Jordan Wilcox and 18 points of Harry Burton, the Bomb Squad defeated LCF, 81-62. Burt and Chip Schneider added 10 points each in the victory.
Jeb Greenberg, with his 43 points, is evidently trying to keep up with his little brother’s (Grant) scoring at the University of St. Mary as he lead the way in the 90-80 victory of the Slithering Snakes over Prime Time. 
Alex Moreno added 19 points for the Slithering Snakes. Nick Bowens and Joe Thorne both tossed in 24 points in the Prime Time loss. OJ Hildebrandt tossed in 11 points in the Prime Time loss. 
The Shooters lost a close game to the undefeated Kansas Elite, 69-62. Kansas Elite featured the balanced scoring of Kevin Harvey's 14 points,  Justin Crutchfield and Brandon Daughtery's 11 points, and Curtis Brown's 10 points in the victory. 
Matt Warner led the Shooters in scoring with 24 points, followed by Bobby Hauver's 15 points and Cody Mohan's 11 points.
Congratulations to Wendy Sachen and Steve Zamora. Wendy and Steve are our two newest members to our awesome Parks and Recreation Board. 
They will be joining William Cook, Jim Mathis (president), Frank Mazetis, Kara McDaniel, Rob Miller, John Reichley and Danny Zeck. These individuals provide  tremendous support and guidance to our department.
Health tip of the week: Last week, Joseph Goeke, a cardiologist with Saint Luke’s Cardiovascular Consultants in Leavenworth and Lansing, discussed  the lifestyle changes I should make to avoid developing coronary artery disease (CAD).
This week, “Musings” asked Goeke: Is there an easy test I can have to see if I have coronary artery disease (CAD)?
Goeke: "Several tests can evaluate patients for CAD. If you have risk factors for CAD but no symptoms, a CardioScan can be powerful in determining your individual risk.
"A CardioScan is a limited, low radiation CT scan that checks for calcified plaque in your coronary arteries. This five-minute test gives you a score, which helps us determine if you are at low, intermediate or high risk for a cardiac event.
"We hope your arteries will get an A+, which is a score of zero. Other results may lead to more testing or more aggressive risk factor control and follow up. At Saint Luke’s, we performed more than 7,000 CardioScans last year. It’s a $50 test that can potentially save your life."
 Coming in March, we’ll chat with orthopedic and sports medicine physician Mark Munson, M.D., of Saint Luke’s Cushing Multispecialty Clinic. He’ll discuss concussion diagnosis, treatment and prevention.
Tabor's tip of the week: Limits are self-imposed. Those who don’t dream high will never succeed.
Keep musing along and have a great year.