To the editor:
A recent Gallup poll showed the top concern of Americans is job creation.
It's been said liberalism is moochers voting for looters who will rob the productive for them. The Democratic Party is a party without work ethic.
When the CBO recently reported that ObamaCare will destroy millions more jobs, as will the raising of the minimum wage, the Democrats touted it as good news, saying people shouldn't be trapped in work, and other equally absurd things. They speak of work as though it's a plague.
The success of a country isn't measured by how many are governmentally dependent, but by how many are productive. The former seems the only measure Democrats use, or want.
Their agenda is dependent on making as many people destitute and dependent as possible. That will financially destroy our country, but they buy their votes by it, and don't care.
A recent IRS report estimated that in 2016 the average ObamaCare yearly premium for a family of four will be $20,000 or more. That's a bronze plan, not a platinum, gold, or silver. And it will carry high deductibles.
At the rate jobs are disappearing in this country, who will be working to pay that? And remember, according to the CBO, the job killing of ObamaCare has just begun. It'll get much worse soon.
With all this happening, we're told to pay attention to a lane closing to a town in New Jersey, and a football player announcing he's gay.
Unfortunately, many people will ignore the catastrophes and watch the dangling sparklies of our corrupt media.
We're in for a hideous future if we don't stop the Democratic Party in its tracks.
Byron L. Maduska