To the editor:
I want to congratulate the two local high schools for winning the 5A state basketball tournament last week.
The Leavenworth girls were just too big and too fast for any of the other teams at state.
The Lansing boys were just great. They played eight deep and never missed a lick. There were three very different games, with the one everybody thought would be the toughest turning out to actually be a cakewalk.
There were different stars each game. Joe Lendway is the biggest, but not the fastest, but can he ever handle himself under the basket. His field goal percentage had to be very high.
I never saw Zach Jackson or Joe Schneider miss a free throw in three games.
Khalil Bailey saved his best game for the finals, when Highland Park was bigger and faster. He was 5 inches shorter and played 12 inches higher than Highland Park. He made some unbelievable plays in the lane on both offense and defense.
Dontae Gibson and the others did a great job handling the ball. Very few turnovers.
The second half was all Lansing. With the spread offense and very crisp passes looking for the easy shot, Highland Park had no idea how to defend. I don't know how much is talent and how much is coaching, but put together, they were very good.
I know some Big 12 teams would like Jackson and Schneider to shoot free throwss for them. They represented Lansing very well.

Glenn Linaweaver