The issue: Saint John Hospital's long history of distinguished service and care to the Lansing and Leavenworth communities.

Our view: The hospital's milestone this month — celebrating its 150th anniversary — is an amazing achievement, and one the Leavenworth Times hopes will be acknowledged by communities the hospital serves.

The headlines on Friday's Leavenworth Times front page laid it out nicely — "150 years and counting," and "Saint John Hospital celebrating milestone, legacy of service."
The hospital, founded by a group of Kentucky-to-Kansas transplanted Catholic nuns, began serving patients in March 1864. Many of those first patients were victims of a brutal and bloody Civil War.
What was true in Leavenworth then remains true today: our community is extremely lucky to have Saint John Hospital in our community. The hospital's doors have remained open ever since those early days, making this month its 150th anniversary.
As Friday's story stated, Leavenworth is the oldest city in the state, so we're bound to have our fair share of historical milestones.
So many, in fact, that perhaps we can sometimes become numb to them, or overlook them.
That doesn't mean we should, however. The newspaper wanted to reserve this space today to not only acknowledge the hospital's tremendous achievement, but also respect our history.
Another piece of interest concerning Saint John: It's the oldest, private civilian hospital in Kansas and the Kansas City metropolitan area.
Without question, there are really only two directions for towns and cities: rising or falling.
That is, if a community isn't growing, it's dwindling. There's no such thing as standing pat, or holding harmless.
Leavenworth isn't without its share of well-established businesses and public entities, such as Saint John. While some may view those deeply entrenched businesses and/or entities as obstacles to growth, the newspaper views it as the opposite.
They're our community's marrow.
Our bedrock.
Part of who we are.
And, Saint John is an ideal community partner in another way: not only does the hospital have a long history of commitment to local patients, it's also reinvesting in Leavenworth via a new, state-of-the-art emergency care facility, possibly to be open by September.
Thank you, and congratulations, Saint John, for this month's birthday, and the last century-plus of service.
We're certainly hoping for many successful returns.