The Leavenworth School Board voted Wednesday to extend the contracts for a number of school administrators.

The Leavenworth School Board voted Wednesday to extend the contracts for a number of school administrators.

Board members also approved a negotiated agreement with the local teachers union for the current school year.

Seventeen administrators had their contracts renewed through the 2014-15 school year. The administrators include most of the principals and assistant principals in the district as well as several other administrative positions.

Interim Superintendent Bret Church said the contract renewals did not include salary increases for administrators.

All of the administrators whose contracts were extended have been working under one-year contracts.

There are a number of other administrators in the district who are working under multi-year contracts. Their contracts weren't extended, but they will be able to return for the next school year because they have at least one year left on their contracts.

The administrators who have multi-year contracts include Church and Chief Financial Officer Kevin Gullett. Both of them have two years remaining on their contracts, Church said.

Several other administrators, including other central office personnel and Leavenworth High School Principal Tom Barry, have one year remaining on their multi-year contracts.

Board President Nancy Klemp said the board intends for administrators to have only one-year contracts in the future.

One administrator who won't be returning next year is Leavenworth High School Assistant Principal Shawn Terry. Terry, who also serves as athletic director, is resigning from his position at the end of the current school year.

The board officially accepted his resignation along with numerous other personnel changes when they voted Wednesday to approve a staffing report.

The vote for the staffing report was 6-1 with board member Loyal Torkelson voting against the motion.

Board members voted unanimously to accept the negotiated agreement that had been reached with the Leavenworth National Education Association.

Negotiators representing the School Board and teachers union reached the agreement after an impasse had been declared in negotiations earlier in the school year.

"We've had a long time of working through the details," Gullett said.

Under the agreement, teachers who were returning teachers this school year each will receive a one-time $500 bonus.

The agreement also allows for salary adjustments for teachers who are obtaining advanced degrees. The district also will contribute more during the next school year for employee health insurance.

"These are all very good things," Gullett said.

The board's action came after a sufficient number of teachers had voted for ratification of the agreement.