Two games into the season, the Lansing High School girls soccer team hasn't faced much of a challenge on its side of the field.
The Lady Lions beat Leavenworth, 4-0, on Monday and matched that performance in each half of Thursday's 8-0 win against KC Christian.
"The girls see the field very well," Lansing head coach Billy Dillon said. "They are looking for their teammates, they are looking for the open space and trying to get teammates set up in positions to get the ball where we want to try to get in and score."
KCC pushed the ball into LHS's side of the field a few times during the game, but the two LHS goalkeepers, junior Cynthia Ferguson and freshman Gillian Ruff, didn't touch the ball much.
"Neither one was pressured and neither one has been pressured this year," Dillon said. "That's a good thing because the rest of the team is working very hard. The goalkeeper is our last line of defense, so we know that we are inexperienced at that point and we want to help that player out."
It took the Lady Lions more than 16 minutes to score the first goal, but the goals came in bunches after that.
Freshman Emma Bresser kicked in the first goal of the game and the first of her high school career with 23:43 left in the first half.
Senior Madison Stebbins and freshman Brittany Valieant each scored in the next five minutes to make it 3-0 Lansing.
LHS's next goal came with 5:19 left in the first half. Senior Courtney Callahan kicked a slow hopper toward the right side of the goal, which bounced above the goalkeeper's arms and into the net.
KCC got its best opportunity to score on a penalty kick in the final four minutes of the first half, but it was deflected by LHS defenders.
LHS came out firing in the second half and Callahan got her second goal through from the left side of the field three minutes into the half.
After four LHS shots were either off the mark or deflected, Valieant put in her second goal of the game with 21:37 left. She tracked down a loose ball following a corner kick to put LHS up 6-0.
About two minutes later, LHS junior and newcomer to the school Brandie Stegall went through a gap in the middle of the KCC defense and launched the ball into the net to put LHS up 7-0.
"She's moved in and I like the way she plays," Dillon said. "She worked right into the way we play."
With about 15 minutes left, Valieant's shot was blocked by the goalie, but Stebbins was there to kick it in off the deflection to make it 8-0.
The Lady Lions take their 2-0 record into today's 6 p.m. home game against Tonganoxie.
"I was worried coming in because we have back-to-back games," Dillon said. "If it was going to be a tough game and my starters would have to play a lot. The way the game came out, I was able to play my subs a lot to get them some playing time and keep my starters fresh."
Dillon is a Lansing graduate and let the team know how much he wants to beat Tonganoxie.
"That goes back a long ways," Dillon said. "I'm a graduate from the district, so back in my day Tonganoxie was our rival."