A friendly person recently called to tell me she had seen an antique yarn winder in a thrift shop in Leavenworth, and I should go check it out.
The problem was, I did not recognize either the name or the location for the place. She said it was on Broadway, near the store that sells fish and other little animals.
When I drove by on Broadway near the location she gave me, I still did not see a thrift shop, but I did see a store that I knew as one that sold recycled items. Or, should I say, used to sell recycled items.
Today, in that same location at 101 N. Broadway, is the Every Era Uptown Showroom, which is actually a nonprofit store that sells new and gently used furniture, household items, clothes, tools, pet items, decor, and much more.
It is operated as a nonprofit with proceeds after expenses going to HOPE, Inc., a spay-neuter clinic located at the Kansas Country Store at 728 Cherokee.
I must say that if you ever visited the old store at that location you will not recognize the interior of the new store. I had to ask to be sure that I was actually in the right building. The difference inside was almost bizarre.
By the way, there are no piles of old stuff outside anymore.
The manager also pointed out to me that everything in the store was donated. So, when you drop in to visit and take in the types of things they are trying to sell, you might consider your own stash of items at home that you might not need so that you could donate them for sale here in the new Uptown Showroom.
Probably the first thing you will notice is the store is very clean and orderly inside, and that there are new walls where it was all open space before.
As I said earlier, I was not sure I was even in the same place that I had visited when it was the old recycle store. Something new about the place is that you can shop on the second floor, where most of the clothes are displayed.
I was short of time that day, so I only shopped around on the ground floor where I found the yarn winder.
I also discovered an assortment of hand woodworking tools that I will likely go back for another look at.
We do not have any pets at home anymore, so I did not shop in that section, but I did see an area with what looked like new in-the-package dog- and cat-related items.
If you have young kids at home or grandkids, you might like the accumulation of small musical instruments. I saw several of those plastic flutes or recorders that could outfit a small neighborhood group.
I also saw some glass display cases full of jewelry, so if you are looking for a relatively inexpensive gift for Mother's Day, this may be the place to begin your shopping.
For more information and to talk to them about how to make donations, or maybe just to find out if something that you might be interested in is in the store, you can call (913) 680-1525.
Better yet would be to drop in and browse around.
You may find some fishing gear that you need, or you may find a new home for something that you don't need that is taking up space at your home.
I did buy that yarn winder, even though I already had one. That is because I have never seen one like this.
Maybe I will make a copy of the one that I bought and I can donate one back to the shop.  At any rate, this was a fun place to discover and I need to thank the person who told me about it. I hope you enjoy your browsing there, too.