To the editor:
April is tax month. By the 15th, taxpayers are to submit their annual returns to the Internal Revenue Service and the state revenue department.
This yearly task imposes an enormous burden on our local small businesses and families, including our military men and women. The burden shouldn’t be measured only by the amount taxpayers pay to the government, but also by the dozens of hours and hundreds of dollars we spend each year to decipher our overly-complex tax system.
We desperately need tax reform, whether its through the Fair Tax, simplified tax, or flat tax, we need to begin the reform of our tax system.
For years, members of Congress have called for comprehensive tax reform that would make the tax code simpler and more fair.
Finally, in February, Washington’s tax-writing committee came up with a specific roadmap for reform. Our representative in Congress, Lynn Jenkins, helped develop the plan. This is a good start.
There’s a lot to debate in this proposal — we especially need to better understand the impact it would have on small businesses — but the bottom line is it would allow 95 percent of taxpayers to finish their returns using the IRS’s simplest form.
Whether this plan passes in its current form or not, that’s a noble goal, which is why Congress should debate and vote on this outline.    
Michael Powell