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  • Pet Talk: The joy of having a pet

  • At the start of a session, my Yoga instructor coaches us to concentrate on things we love. She asks “what brings you joy?” Our pets come to mind and I start to think about the moments of joy that they provide.
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  • At the start of a session, my Yoga instructor coaches us to concentrate on things we love. She asks “what brings you joy?” Our pets come to mind and I start to think about the moments of joy that they provide.
    The endearing habits of my pets are probably the same as others' companion animals but I like to feel that they are unique and special…just for me.
    Pets demonstrate overwhelming joy when they see us.
    It warms the heart to be loved by a being that asks for nothing in return other than to be with their person.
    Clearly, dogs can tell time. Every day within a thirty-minute window around their mealtime, Bonny starts to vocalize to remind me.
    First is a short, “harrumph” that then escalates into an annoying sharp bark.
    Meanwhile, her cohort Clyde, comes, sits, and stares at me. If this fails, he paws at me until I take action. I wonder why I think this is cute!
    An endearing habit is the dance Bonny performs when I bring her food dish into the hallway to her special spot. She thunders down the hallway, leaping like a rabbit, goes airborne and then lands on the carpet and twirls around at least two times.
    This exact routine happens every time and always gives me a happy moment.
    Some pets like to keep track of where we are and will tend to follow us around, even to places where we might prefer a little privacy. Kira, our rescue dog, is what we call a “Velcro” dog.
    She needs to be near one of us at all times. If I disappear and resettle out of her sight, she seeks me out and quietly takes a position nearby.
    If I am at the computer desk, she goes into the kneehole, nudging my leg to let me know she is there.
    When the steam clears from the shower door, I can see her waiting on the bath mat. If I take another dog for a walk, Kira climbs on the sofa, parts the curtains and watches us every moment we are out there.
    Our Westie, Clyde, is a champion doggie backstroke performer. I will hear a noise and look into the living room to discover that he is there, all alone, wriggling and writhing on his back. I love to watch him.
    He alternates this with the running face slide.
    This involves collapsing his front end and resting the side of his face on the carpet and propelling himself across the room. Such ecstasy!
    It never fails to make me smile.
    All three of our dogs like to let us know when they are near. They do this with a little nose nudge, leg bump or toe lick.
    Page 2 of 2 - They then lie down and use our foot or ankle as a chin rest. It gives me a calming, happy feeling to reach down and pet the visitor.
    If I do not do this long enough, Clyde will push at my hand with his nose saying: “more, more” and I oblige. It is calming for me.
    Mystic, the cat announces her arrival differently.
    She prefers a sneak attack and leaps, unannounced onto your lap and then proceeds to interfere with what you are doing.
    She pokes right through the newspaper or lies down all spread out on reading material.
    Another annoying/endearing trait that Mystic has is to settle on my hip when I am sleeping.
    It is ok with me except when she starts kneading her claws. Ouch!
    Clyde is a dear, sweet uncomplicated guy and he has one trait that makes my heart melt every time.
    He has an un-stuffed cloth toy that is his “treasure.’
    He carries this around the house every evening going from room to room never putting it down.
    I think he is looking for a safe place to leave it but cannot find a spot.
    He goes behind the furniture following the borders of rooms repeatedly going in and out of every area of the house.
    The worried look on his face is so adorable and touching…sometimes, I just have to take him in my arms, soggy, smelly treasure and all.
    This anonymous quote sums it up. “Such short little lives our pets have to spend with us, and they spend most of it waiting for us to come home each day. It is amazing how much love and laughter they bring into our lives…”
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