All future presidents will be Democrats.

I have sometimes been accused of being a pessimist.  I can’t imagine why.  Here’s my outlook for today.

Republicans and Conservatives will NEVER elect another president.  The reason is simple: the electoral college no longer means anything.  Already, ten states and the District of Columbia have enacted legislation which awards all the state’s electoral votes to the winner of the NATIONAL election.  Thus, it will be possible for the majority of voters in a state to favor one candidate but all the state’s electoral votes go to the other.  Whoever wins the national vote will receive 270 or more electoral votes, automatically.  It’s over.

Democrats have been quietly pushing this initiative since the Bush-Gore election of 2000, in which Bush won the electoral vote 271-266.  Democrats felt cheated, because the Supreme Court had to settle the election dispute that grew around the extremely close vote in Florida, and because Gore drew about 500,000 more popular votes. 

There is one qualification: it won’t go into effect until the number of states adopting the plan represent a total of 270 or more electoral votes, but they only need 2 or 3 more states to reach that goal.  It is a sure bet they will achieve it.  It is likely the laws will be challenged in the courts as unconstitutional, based on the idea that voters outside a state will decide the vote of a state, but it is by no means clear-cut.  Article 2 of the Constitution seems to give the states the right to choose their electors in any way they see fit. 

In the game of chess, the object is to surround and capture the king.  When you play, you can often see it coming, several moves ahead, you are going to lose.  In politics, the idea is to compete for political power without killing people, but just about anything else seems to be fair game – especially lying, cheating, and stealing. In America, we are all affected by politics whether or not we participate.  Checkmate is now inevitable: all future presidents will be Democrats, unless something changes.

Dick Morris explains this in a short video on his website.

This initiative may be the real reason why Democrats are so heatedly fighting the voter ID and registration laws.  They have always rounded up and bussed people to the voting places.  That was really what ACORN was all about.  These people come from poor neighborhoods, unions, nursing homes, and probably the homeless. Anyone with a body will do, but don’t make them show ID, that would slow the conveyor belt. Republicans have never done that on a scale approaching that of the Democrats.  The big city machines, all Democrat, will now have extra incentive to make sure everyone votes who isn’t known to be a Republican.  Declining privacy makes that possible, since voting tendencies and party affiliations can be found in databases that cover a high percentage of citizens.

This is likely to make election fraud much more difficult to detect.  Inserting a fake vote anywhere in the country will be effective, and Republicans can’t just suspect certain areas.  Mail-in voting systems can be manipulated, because they may be counted by partisan officials, and fake ballots may be created and voted without verification.  I’m not saying they are, but it’s technically possible.

Taking absolute control of the presidency has been a perfectly orchestrated Democrat campaign, on several fronts.  Fighting voter ID laws, falsely claiming that election fraud doesn’t exist, trying to make citizens of illegal immigrants, changing to mail-in voting systems, making more people dependent on government for their living, and destroying the Electoral College system have all been part of their master plan.  

Unless moderates and conservatives somehow rise up and vote in perfect unison, which isn’t likely, we will never see another Republican or conservative president.  Obama, Reid, and Holder may be incompetent at governing, but they are better at political chess than we are.  Checkmate.  Hillary Clinton will hold her inauguration on January 20, 2017.