To the editor:
(Below is an open letter to Charles Koch, chairman and chief executive officer of Koch Industries, Inc., in Wichita Kan.)
Greetings, Mr. Koch.
Thank you so very much for taking valuable time and considerable thought in writing your insightful and informative opinion article, "I'm Fighting to Restore a Free Society," published in The Wall Street Journal, on April 2.
I've no doubt there are tens of millions of people across America who agree with everything you wrote. Your message to one-and-all-of-us is most encouraging and enabling.
Every county has a county seat. For America, Washington, D.C., will always remain our country seat.
However, our best years, decades and centuries lie directly ahead. As a nation and a people, we need to rise above ourselves and play over our heads to a whole new level of civil interaction for humane and humanitarian progress. The common ground we seek is not to be found under foot, rather overhead.
In this regard, perhaps the time has come for "We the people" to build a new national capital, which would be in both form and function of a different kind and a higher degree.
If 30 million American citizens invested $10,000 each, we could likely buy land, build for cash and own it free and clear of any debt. Starting with a fund of $300 billion, by end of construction, in possibly eight to 10 years, we could see a tenfold increase in valuation.
After 10 to 12 years of successful operations, we could again reap another tenfold increase in valuation. Within a generation, there could be 30 million additional millionaires for America's health and welfare, because good people do great things for others with their wealth.
In its entirety, this could serve as a major new metropolis.
This project was originally conceived shortly after the attack on freedom, September 11th, 2001.
The massive National Freedom Bowl, an indoor/outdoor multi-purpose football stadium seating 150,000, centers an open space mixed use commercial campus, All America Park, comprised of four luxuriant Gardens of Generation and eight spectacular Towers of Triumph — four Sentinels, each one representing one of FDR's timely and timeless Four Freedoms — and four more buildings standing for American free enterprise, all of which rise to 150 storeys.
My former boss recommended, due to the importance this would be to the American people, the complex be placed in Kansas, so as to be centrally located.
I subsequently learned that the geographical center of the 48 contiguous and conterminous states is in Smith County, Kan.
By the end of this century, the city could conceivably reach a resident population of eight, 10 or even 12 million people. I wish to suggest this title for the city: Great America City, Kan., America's hub and the hub of the world.

Russell Thorson