To the editor:
On Saturday and Sunday, we, the Lanterne Rouge Volunteer Group and Santa Fe Trails Bicycle Racing Team, hosted a time trial and road race.
The support and cooperation of Leavenworth County was instrumental, again, as before in the success of these events.
More than 250 racers, ages 9 to 75, participated in the events. They reported to us the food in Leavenworth and Lansing was superb as was the treatment they received by our local populace.
Shopping was an issue on Sunday as most of the spouses were upset due to the weather conditions on Sunday.
The support of the Leavenworth County Sheriff's Department, the road crews, Emergency Management, and the Atchison Police Department made for a smoothly operated race in terrible conditions.
Local businesses Gronis Hardware, Metropolitan Steak House, Young Sign Company, Lavery's Jewelry, Military Memorabilia, Henry Martens Cheverolet, and S&S Speed & Performance Shop, provided tremendous support, as always.
Thanks to all the volunteers from the Leavenworth Bike Club for their invaluable support.
Put April 25 and 26 on your calendar for next year.

Roger F. Harrison