Justin Cline is the district manager at Family Video in Leavenworth.

Justin Cline is the district manager at Family Video in Leavenworth. Throughout June, students from Kindergarten to college can earn a free movie or game rental for each final "A" or equivalent mark they achieve in a core subject. The company expects to give away more than 1,000,000 free movie and game rentals in June.

1. Justin, how did 'Report Card A' begin, who came up with the idea and how long has it been going on?
The "Report Card A" program has been going for over 30 years.  Our founder, Charlie Hoogland started this program to reward students for showing superior achievement in the classroom.

2. How does the promotion work and what do students have to do to win a free movie or game rental in June?
During the month of June, any student can bring their report card in and employees will evaluate their grades.  We give each student a free rental (up to seven) for every “A” or equivalent they receive in the Core Classes for their fourth-quarter grades.

3. What are the greatest benefits for students participating in the promotion besides the fun of getting free movie and game rentals?
There are many benefits to this promotion. Being able to show a student that their hard work in the classroom really pays off makes a huge impact on the student’s life.  To see the joy on a student’s face when they receive the movie, or game they want to rent makes a huge impact on our employees. The largest benefit to this promotion is the actual learning that takes place in order for that child to receive their superior grade.  What each child has learned will last a lifetime.

4. Family Video also celebrates the role that educators play in providing academic achievement. What did the store do recently to honor our community's teachers?
This week, we honored teacher education week by allowing all teachers to rent for free on Tuesday.  
All year-round we also give all teachers free rentals that have the intended use for the classroom.

5. As district manager of Family Video, what about this promotion makes you the proudest and what do you think are the most valuable lessons that students will learn from this good-grade reward program?
As a district manager I have had the privilege of talking to many students and teachers about this promotion.  
What makes me the proudest about this promotion is excitement that both students and teachers get when they see what we are doing.  
When a student screams at the top of their lungs and jumps up and down because they can rent their favorite video game, it really makes me proud beyond belief.  
To be perfectly honest, not all students get the recognition they deserve for  their hard work in the classroom.
This promotion allows us to make sure that many more students understand that their hard work does pay off.
Also, when teachers get involved and help us get the word out, it really shows how amazing the teachers are and how they really want to reward their students for their hard work as well.

— Rimsie McConiga