To the editor:
In the May 3-4 weekend edition, the Leavenworth Times reprinted an editorial from the Manhattan Mercury. In it, the writer alternates between criticizing laws that make it practical to defend oneself, and calls for greater restrictions on the "right to keep and bear" arms.
Citing three occurrences of mass murder, the writer concludes that greater restriction would reduce the toll.
Unfortunately for the writer's thesis, the three cited episodes demonstrate the opposite of the writer's conclusion. Each of the three, as well as virtually all other examples, took place in what the foolish call "gun free zones."
Such places are, of course, free of armed innocents, but not of armed perpetrators. The writer's conclusion is therefore disproved by the writer's citations, as well as virtually all other experience.
The rigorous conclusion is that "gun free zones" are murder magnets. As Professor Lott has written at length: "More guns, less crime."

Al Stevens