To the editor:
Veterans Affairs has been caught with its pants down. VA Medical Centers across the country are under investigation, a scandal that should not have
Forty-plus veterans died while waiting up to 21 months to be
seen by specialist doctors for various life threatening illnesses at the
VAMC in Phoenix.
More deaths are also reported at other VAMCs nationwide. This is blatant mismanagement, if not criminal, under the supposedly watchful eye of VA Secretary Eric Shinseki.
Veteran organizations are calling for the secretary to be fired and prosecuted for mismanagement and to answer for these untimely deaths.
Likewise, Under Secretary of Health Dr. Robert Petzel and Under Secretary
for Benefits Allison Hickey should resign or be immediately fired. The Inspector General of the U.S. has been directed to conduct an
investigation into the allegations brought upon the VA.
Paul E. Travis, retired Air Force and a veterans advocate, said, "It's time
that all veterans unite to stop the mismanagement atrocity known as
Veterans Affairs from further harming veterans." Travis is well known
amongst the veteran population.
John Paul Rossie,  executive director of the Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Association, speaks out to Congress to conduct an
investigation into the VA scandal.
Veterans are treated like a piece of meat. They are often handed pills,
narcotics for pain and antidepressants to calm them down, and then shoved out the door.
Medically, this sort of action solves nothing. Is this proper care for our veterans at VA hospitals? I think not.
The American people should demand our Congress step in and stop the
atrocities that take place at VA Medical Centers.
Demand our veterans be properly cared for — they gave their all for our country, and we now need to give our all to them.

John Bury
Retired U.S. Navy, Media, Pa.