Hollie Becker will be the new principal of David Brewer Elementary School this fall.

Hollie Becker will be the new principal of David Brewer Elementary School this fall.

But, her connection to the man for whom the school is named extends beyond school grounds.

She and her husband have purchased a Leavenworth home where Brewer once lived.

"I am so honored and excited that I will get to call David Brewer my home, both personally and professionally," Becker said.

Brewer, who lived from 1837-1910, served as a judge in Leavenworth and later was appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court. He served on the Supreme Court for 20 years, according to biographical information from the Supreme Court Historical Society.

Becker said her family is returning to Kansas after spending a couple of years in California.

She and her husband already had purchased the Brewer home on Fifth Avenue when the principal's job came open.

"It was really, I think, kind of serendipity," she said.

Becker, 36, grew up in rural Leavenworth, attending Lansing schools.

"I've always loved local history," she said.

She spent time working at Carroll Mansion as part of an internship. Carroll Mansion, which is the home of the Leavenworth County Historical Society, is located across the street from the Brewer house.

Becker said she has researched Brewer and thinks he is a "very interesting fellow."

She said Brewer was superintendent of schools in Leavenworth and a prominent resident of the community.

She said Brewer was passionate about rights for women and minorities.

Becker will be entering her 14th year in education. She began her teaching career in the De Soto school system and has worked in other districts in Kansas.

She is finishing up her duties as assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction for the San Lorenzo Valley School District in Ben Lomond, Calif.

She holds a doctorate in educational leadership from Baker University.

Becker said she is looking forward to getting back to having contact with students on a daily basis.

"That's really what brings me joy," she said.

When interviewing for the principal's job, she was told the Leavenworth district has a residency requirement. Becker explained she already had purchased the Brewer home in Leavenworth.

"They kind of laughed," she said.

Becker said school officials joked that living in the Brewer home was not a prerequisite for the principal's job.

Mike Roth, who is the incoming superintendent of Leavenworth public schools, was said to have been involved in the interview process for the new principal.