To the editor:
People often ask why Democrats obsessively inject race into everything, and constantly talk of "white man's guilt." They wonder why present-day people are punished for events of 150 years ago or more. It's simple.
The Democratic party was the slavery organization in this country. It protected and prolonged slavery. It ginned up the KKK and other groups like it.
The lynchings and other intimidation tactics were Democrat Party devices. Laws treating black people like dirt were their legislative actions. Those actions were so heinous Democrats now say someone must pay, but who?
Certainly not the progeny of those guilty, nor the organization responsible.
No, it's the progeny of the abolitionist party that must pay. And even recent Asian and other immigrants whose families certainly had nothing to do with slavery here must pay through race-based hiring and educational admittance programs that harm them.
Harming present-day people does nothing for long dead slaves, nor to long dead slavers.
Now Demopcrats are talking about reparations again. Swell, let them pay them. Let their party pay for the political fortunes it made from slavery. They are members of the entity responsible for slavery, and perpetuate it.
There can be no useful discourse about slavery until the orgnization actually responsible for it is included in the discussion, along with their methods and motives.
But, Democrats won't alllow that. They ridiculously use black folks as their sword and shield on every issue, especially the policies they force on the American people that we don't want. They won't give that up.
But, until the real facts are openly discussed, the discourse about slavery remains unproductiive, nonsensical, harmful to the innocent, and totally hypocritical as well.

Byron L. Maduska