Come on down to the river Saturday, in the morning, if you'd like to get a boat ride and help clean up the shoreline.
The fun begins about 8 a.m., although the boats won't pull out until about 9 a.m., after the safety briefings, donning your life vest, etc.
There will be quite a few large river boats to haul people to both sides of the river from about Weston on the Missouri side and Fort Leavenworth on the Kansas side to the south end of the city of Leavenworth.
Missouri River Relief is a nonprofit group that works all summer on many segments of the river to help people clean up the waters from plastic bottles and other junk that makes it to the river, often by way of local steams and storm sewers.
A kayaking friend tells me he sees dozens of soccer balls when he boats around the Kansas City reach.  I understand the majority of the waste is made of those plastic water bottles.
If you volunteer, you may spend most of your morning on the edges of the river gathering and bagging trash and then you will be brought back to the city park under the bridge for lunch. I understand the Leavenworth Lions Club will be assisting in directing traffic and parking and will also be assisting in helping everyone get fed.
Most of the food will be coming from the Leavenworth Price Chopper, but I believe there are other local restaurants that will also provide food. There is no fee for the day's activities.
Since this is sort of a river party, there should be a bit of live music, too.
I believe Jim Phillipie, Price Chopper manager, will be playing guitar for an hour or so during lunch and we are hoping for a few more entertainers to show up later in the day and into the evening after the work is done for a party under the bridge.
If you are good at music, bring your stuff and maybe there will be a time for you to show us what you have. We have a four-hour permit for loud music, but we also hope the music will continue with quieter tones into the evening.
Just in case Saturday is not enough to fill your weekend, you need to head to the Country Mart parking lot on Spruce and 20th on Sunday. The Kansas Country Store will be hosting the Wagga Wagga Wiggle Waggle to raise funds for spaying and neutering dogs and cats in Leavenworth County. This will be a fun walk/run along 20th Street on the wide exercise pathway.
You can go all the way to Eisenhower and back, which would be 10K or six miles, or you can go any distance, like to the top of the first hill and come back, which would be closer to two miles. There will be a bunch of door prizes and this kind of event is worth doing just for the excuse of getting out and doing a bit of walking outdoors.
There is a registration fee that will go to the good cause and I understand the promoters hope to recreate this event at least twice per year.
After all, there are a lot of dogs and cats that should be fixed and the cost never ends. Besides, everyone should be getting out walking a few miles on a regular basis and I hope that someday that people would actually train to go the full six miles.
Leavenworth has some awesome assets for getting outside and getting exercise and Wagga Wagga or 20th Street is one of the best.
For both events on the weekend, you can register in advance by Googling the events online or visiting the Country Store for the walk/run.
Both events will happen rain or shine, so just come prepared for the weather and have fun on the river Saturday and for the Wagga Wagga Wiggle Waggle on Sunday.