History and family fun are the focus of this year’s Buffalo Bill Days.
Free kids games, gem mining, pony rides, Outhouse Races and so much more will make this a family festival to remember.
Have you heard the rumors? There is something big happening downtown in August, and  it has to do with an outhouse race.  
I saw a race to the outhouse once when I was kid and visited Grandma’s farm.  Grandpa and Uncle Joe ate somethin’ that didn’t agree with them.
But, Donna and Larry told me this is entirely different. There are a bunch of teams. Each team has one rider with protective head gear and four pushers.
All of them wear Wild West or Pioneer costumes.  
The teams build a wooden outhouse replica. It has wheels, a seat, seat belt, a grab-bar for stopping and of course, a door that can close. The team name is over the door and it is decorated.
I hear they have had some great outhouses through the years,  like a bordello, saloon, fire truck, and church, among others.
Back to the race.  It has a 50-yard dash and four obstacles. The obstacles are the toilet paper "GO-Round," the "Paper Pull," the "Toilet Roll Pitch" and a "Corn Cob Pick Up."
Really funny stuff.
This is truly a community event.
J. F. Denny provides four toilets and money for the cash prizes. Leavenworth Paper supply gives a whole case of toilet paper.
Everything is done on the up and up.  The judges are state representatives, city and county commissioners, judges, lawyers, school teachers, local artists, military (retired and active), 4-H workers and volunteers from all around the area.
This is the 17th year Leavenworth has hosted the race. The entrance fee is only $10 per team. I can’t wait to start.
I am going to call Donna at (913) 683-5462. And, if I can’t get her I will call her husband, Larry Everitt, at (816) 444-7862. Gotta get on the list so I can be a part of all the fun, and not just sittin’ on the sidelines this year.
Looking for fun stuff for the kids?  We will have that, too.
 • Jo Jo Dee’s Pets is building a free kids game area. It will consist of all period games like checkers and marbles. Yep, you hear me right, folks, I said free.
Jo jo Dee’s is also creating several buildings made out of heavy cardboard as their backdrop complete with a real split wood fence.
• The Leavenworth Artist Association will be doing free arts and crafts with the children.
• McDe's Traveling Gem Flume will also be at this year’s festival. It is a self-contained mining flume on a trailer with a ramp for easy access. It is protected from sun and rain by a covered canopy. Kids can become a prospector for a day as they mine for Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Smokey Quartz, Adventurine, Obsidian, Hematite, Apatite, Agate, Jade, Tourmaline, Iolite, Labradorite, Opal, Girasol, Sodalite, Moonstone, Sunstone, Tiger's Eye, Quartz Crystals, Pyrite (fool's gold), Arrowheads and more.
• The Leavenworth JROTC Raiders will be doing face painting. The small fee they will charge is part of their fundraiser.  
• We have even found a vendor who does miniature pony rides at a very reasonable fee.
• Shae Koonce photography will have an old-fashioned photo booth where you can dress up and get your photo taken.  
So, mark your calendars Buffalo Bill Days is on Aug. 15 and 16.