To the editor:
I was disenchanted with the revelation that our fire department will not be able to paint needed hydrants due to funding shortfalls, and that agreement juggling is required.
It may seem like a small thing, but infrastructure neglect and procrastination has put our country in a third-world status. 
This is how it happens, one thing or project is neglected, then another and then another. Even if the juggling temporarily corrects money conditions, the practice is imprudent.
I don't understand the shortfall. What is the advantage of shorting one autonomous city agency for the benefit of the others?
If the city cannot pay the correct water usage bill then maybe we should look at that issue? It seems to me that $75,000 for hydrant maintenance should be born by the beneficiaries, us.
Is this maintenance a bargaining chip? Aren't we paying the fire department for their services anyway?
Isn't fire hydrant function a fire department requirement?
Additionally, the Main Street Project funding was deleted in the 2014 budget funding, yet that funding was revived albeit not 100 percent.
The city sold property to the hotel builders on Metropolitan for more than $500,000, then bought the rundown hotel on third street for $592,500.
A lot of money is being thrown around. The question is where will it stick?

Ronald Banks