June 8
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Word of the Day
taciturn TAS-uh-turn adjective; not inclined to talk. — Dictionary.com

Website of the Day: History of the Bill of Rights
An overview of the Bill of Rights from history.com

Number to Know
202: The number of years that passed from when James Madison’s proposed constitutional amendment was submitted until it was ratified as the 27th Amendment.

This Day in History
June 8, 1789: James Madison introduces 12 proposed amendments to the United States Constitution in the House of Representatives; by 1791, ten of them are ratified by the state legislatures and become the Bill of Rights. Another is eventually ratified in 1992 to become the 27th Amendment.

Today’s Featured Birthday
Jerry Stiller, American comedian and actor, 87.

Daily Quote
“Creative comedy is like growing geraniums in a mine field.” — Jerry Stiller