To the editor:
I learned in Wednesday's Leavenworth Times the reason for Kansas revenue shortfalls is because of some esoteric capital gains management banter in the federal House of Representatives.
Since the GOP controls the House, where is the dispute over this coming from? Kansas has a $310 million revenue shortfall from April and May. I'd hate to see the total shortfall.
Don't blame, get in the game.
The governor says tax elimination for 191,000 businesses and 40 percent reduction of top rates by 2019 are spurring economic growth and creating jobs.
Can this be true when we are experiencing such shortfalls that will carry over to future budgets? Maybe our state legislature should take note of our House of Representatives' GOP template.
The GOP has disregarded the Ryan budget and rules that disallow deficit increasing legislation. Federal House Bills 4453 and 4457 debated Thursday would make temporary tax cut extensions for businesses go permanent.
This would add about $75 billion over the deficit and $600 billion over 10 years to our debt, whereas the two-year extension would cost $3.4 billion. They will vote down extension of unemployment insurance but extend tax breaks for businesses.
Just like our Kansas leaders, the House of Representatives says it would increase certainty and spur economic well-being. Where are the GOP economic metrics?
As the least productive Congress in history, our Representative Jenkins should have some leadership on this issue, especially, since she has received the 2014 Congressional Leadership Award.
Maybe castigating Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl is her type of leadership. He hasn't yet gotten home and been debriefed and she is calling him a deserter.
According to the formal military categorization of his absence, he was charged as missing. This fact was uncovered in Secretary of Defense testimony Wednesday.
Where did Jenkins get her fact? This is not leadership, it is repeating. Summary: GOP governing is not having enough money to help the middle class when it would add to the deficit.
Deficit and debt be damned when the GOP can buy tax breaks for the businesses.

Ronald Banks