To the editor:
I have no faith the real problems of the Veterans Affairs system will be fixed, or even addressed.
The problems are huge, of an unresponsive bureaucracy, and a system swamped in stultifying unionism that places veteran care well down the priority list behind job and perk protection, and bonuses for already high paid administrators.
I've read accounts by doctors about the results of their trying to streamline the system for our veterans. They were treated as pariahs and run out of the system. The VA needs more good doctors and nurses, but gets more administrators and union craziness instead.
The doctors and nurses are treated as non-priority people like the veterans. When it comes to what has priority, it's the desires of the administrators and the union bosses, not the veterans nor the medical folks. They take a back seat to stone-walled bureaucracy, and stiffling unionism that views both the medical folks and our veterans as inconvenient entities they must grudgingly tolerate.
The present regime has known of the VA problems for five years and done nothing to resolve them. They won't do anything to hinder big government, or anything the union bosses don't like.
The VA secretary has left, and numerous other scandals now fill the headlines. The VA scandal will disappear into memory, but the problems will linger.
And, the democrats will go ahead with their plans to make the entire U.S. health care system just like the VA. They were still recently giving speeches about how great VA treatment was and how they'll make the whole system just like it.
The U.S. populace needs that like a big dose of arsenic. We don't need another huge, ineffective and expensive failure run on nothing but debt bonds hung around the necks of the young.
They're already the victims of the most gigantic intergenerational theft in Earth's histroy.

Byron L. Maduska