To the editor:
You can watch the dozens of YouTube videos and see entire graduation classes being hypnotized into "zombies"  in the "safety" of a graduation lockdown party.
And, you're supposed to find this funny. Seeing how the majority of people seem emotionless as they see hoards of illegal aliens swarm our southern borders with impunity and see our own government funding Al-Qaeda, maybe most of us have been hypnotized through the media already.
Seeing the lack of outrage by the majority of our elected leaders tells me that most of them are bought and paid for and could really care less that
America is about to self-destruct.
But then, as long as your sports team or favorite NASCAR driver is winning you are quite content about things.
So, keep consuming fluoridated water, toothpaste and mouthwash and Dioxin-tainted liquids in plastic bottles.
Keep that microwave-generating cell phone as close to your shrinking brain as you can. And, of course, consume as much artificial sweeteners as you can find.
If you take enough of those cholesterol-lowering drugs you will pass into La La Land sooner than you think and not have to worry about anything. It will all be like a dream.

Joseph DuPont
Towanda, Pa.