To the editor:
I have received excellent and timely care as both an inpatient and outpatient in the Veterans Affairs hospital system for the past 24 years. My experience has been as a patient in the Leavenworth, Kansas City and Topeka VA hospitals for major surgery, skin cancer, eye care and hearing loss.
For instance, I broke a hearing aid last week. After less than an hour in the Leavenworth VA, I had an appointment within 10 days for evaluation and updated hearing aids. I have had the same dermatologist for 10 years, and the same general care doctor for five years.
True, the VA system is not perfect and does, like any large system, need periodic tuning. I also keep up with my care and sometimes rely on help from the American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars, if and when there is a snag. Assistance from the groups is available to everyone.
In short, I have found the VA health care system to be excellent, and for the Affordable Care Act to have such a model is fortunate.

Jim McKinney