June 18

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Word of the Day
sere SEER adjective; Dry; withered. — Dictionary.com

Website of the Day: Abba
Official website of the Swedish supergroup, with photos, videos and links to lots of classic dance music.

Number to Know
5,000,000: Number of worldwide copies sold of Abba’s 1974 single “Waterloo.”

This Day in History
June 18, 1815: Napoleon Bonaparte is defeated at the Battle of Waterloo by the Duke of Wellington and Gebhard Leberecht von Blücher, forcing him to abdicate the throne of France for the second and last time.

Today’s Featured Birthday
Carol Kane, American actress, 62.

Daily Quote
“They came on in the same old way and we defeated them in the same old way.” — Arthur Wellesley, the Duke of Wellington

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